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Shantou West Line Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful coastal city of Shantou. The company was founded in December 2011. It is a comprehensive machinery enterprise integrating independent research and development, intelligent manufacturing, non-standard customization, production and sales. The company's main business is automatic high-speed paper mounting machine series, code spraying variable data scheme implementation, and platform manufacturing. Automatic manipulator R & D and manufacturing, automatic battery production line, intelligent automatic wool printing set, etc.



  • High speed paper mounting machine

  • Full automatic turnover stacker

  • GSJ-1450

    High speed paper mounting machine

    GSJ full-automatic high-speed paper mounting machine, the machine speed can reach 12000 sheets / hour. It is suitable for three-layer corrugated paper (E / C, C / N) and Four-layer Corrugated Paper (A / C / b). It mainly aims at the solutions proposed by customers with fast delivery speed, high production efficiency and labor cost saving; In terms of design, it solves the requirements of left and right alignment and front and rear needle position of product mounting, and has been upgraded in an all-round way. Parker, the motion control system of the United States, complements the tolerance and controls the alignment, so as to truly achieve computer intelligent control, so that the machine can ensure the most accurate positioning in the process of high-speed operation; The main machine is a full servo motor, which makes the machine more stable and higher speed; It also ensures that the mounted product is flat, wrinkle free and the plate is not warped. The appearance is coordinated, the machine structure is solid, and the selected materials fully meet the needs of the design

  • HD-1450

    Full automatic turnover stacker

    Solid materials and stable structure ensure stability and reliability when used for heavy paper stacking;
    The height can be preset, one positive and one negative stacking, and single-sided stacking can also be set;
    It can significantly reduce the labor intensity and technical requirements of the paper receiver;
    It can be connected to medium speed chain paper mounting machine.