High speed paper mounting machine

GSJ full-automatic high-speed paper mounting machine, the machine speed can reach 12000 sheets / hour. It is suitable for three-layer corrugated paper (E / C, C / N) and Four-layer Corrugated Paper (A / C / b). It mainly aims at the solutions proposed by customers with fast delivery speed, high production efficiency and labor cost saving; In terms of design, it solves the requirements of left and right alignment and front and rear needle position of product mounting, and has been upgraded in an all-round way. Parker, the motion control system of the United States, complements the tolerance and controls the alignment, so as to truly achieve computer intelligent control, so that the machine can ensure the most accurate positioning in the process of high-speed operation; The main machine is a full servo motor, which makes the machine more stable and higher speed; It also ensures that the mounted product is flat, wrinkle free and the plate is not warped. The appearance is coordinated, the machine structure is solid, and the selected materials fully meet the needs of the design


Electrical original device

The machine is positioned according to European industry standards, and the original electrical components of the whole machine are American Parker; Inovance; Abb, Yaskawa; France Schneider and other international first-line brands to ensure the stability and durability of the whole machine operation. PLC centralized control, self programmed to control the whole system, realize mechatronics control, simplify operation steps to the greatest extent and save manpower.

Automatic intelligent electric control system

The whole machine is automatically controlled by PLC and controlled with color touch screen. The whole machine automatically adjusts the position of the plate, uses the servo motor to input the size of the paper on the touch screen, and the computer automatically adjusts the position of the whole paper, the position of the paper seat, the position of the paper aisle of the face paper, and the position of the bottom paper output; Imported slide rail screw rod makes the positioning smooth and accurate; The press part is also equipped with an electric adjusting plate to adjust the front and rear gears by inching. In this way, when changing the version, it can be adjusted freely according to the size of its own products, and has a memory storage function, which can save and call out the positioned products, so as to truly achieve automatic control. Perfect function, energy and time saving, simple operation and strong adaptability.

Feida paper feeder

Feida paper feeder, based on the design concept of Feida head for high-end printing machine, has an enhanced paper feeding device with four suction and four delivery, accurate suction and delivery and smooth paper feeding. Equipped with gantry type external pre stacking paper platform to leave space and time for preparing paper loading, safe and reliable. Fully meet the use requirements of efficient operation.

Bottom paper feeding section

The servo motor is used to drive the suction belt to take the paper, which corresponds to a / B / C / D / E / F / n wave, three-layer, four-layer, five-layer and seven-layer corrugated bottom paper, cardboard and gray board bottom paper, and the conveying is smooth and accurate; Reinforced mutual pressure air suction design, with a maximum thickness of 1100g bottom paper.

drive system

The imported timing belt replaces the traditional gear chain drive to solve the problem of inaccurate fitting of surface and bottom paper caused by wear of metal chain. So as to ensure that the front and rear fitting error is controlled within ± 1.5mm and realize perfect mounting.

Glue coating and assembly department

In order to apply glue evenly during high-speed operation and ensure that glue does not fly, the glue coating and assembly department designed by the equipment uses a special glue roller with a glue blocking device to effectively solve the problem of glue throwing and flying during coating. Automatic glue replenishment device, combined with glue loss recovery cycle, to avoid glue waste. According to the product requirements, the glue thickness control wheel can be adjusted and matched with the rubber roller to save glue consumption. This design ensures the rigidity of the product and no degumming.

Technical Parameter